I’m Going to Read EVERY Giller Prize Winning Book

As the title suggests, I’m going on a Canadian literary journey this year by reading every Giller Prize winning book. The Scotiabank Giller Prize is a literary prize awarded to the best fiction written that year. I started thinking about this idea a couple months ago when I was watching the Giller Prize on CBC. I was inspired listening to all the authors talk about their books, and the overall love of literature. It also got me thinking about where I want my blog and Instagram to head towards. I still like having a book and lifestyle account, but why not try to shift some of the bookish content to support Canadian literature?

My goal for reading these books is not to rush through them within one year. I want to take my time reading every book, and to give my honest opinion on each of them. I will write a review for each book I read, and might make a post of my favourites later on. I currently own three books on the list, and just ordered two more the other day. There are a total of 28 winners as of now, ranging from household names, like Atwood, to the soon-to-be household names, like Thammavongsa. I can’t wait to get acquainted with these books, and see which ones will become lifelong favourites.

I want this journey to inspire people to read Canadian authors, and see the great talent that resides within Canada. Often, American and British literature is in the forefront of what is deemed a classic, or worth of notoriety. Yet, that doesn’t mean Canada’s diverse and talented authors should only be categorized in the honorable mentions list. I want Canadian literature to be seen in a global scale of how extraordinary it is. These authors demonstrate a multitude of stories from plethora of backgrounds. Not two stories are alike on the Giller Prize list, nor are any alike when comparing Canadian literature since its inception.

I hope you all will join me on this journey, and take a moment to see research more about Canadian literature. I’m convinced there’s a book for everyone, if you take the time to look. Canadians have written a lot of great books, and they deserve to be read! To start this journey, my Giller Prize book for January is the 2020 winner How to Pronounce Knife by Souvankham Thammavongsa.

As a side note, I don’t own all the books that have won the Giller Prize. So my journey may take a few years to complete, but a journey I’ll 100% enjoy. Here are the books I already own:
1. Runaway by Alice Munro
2. Do Not Say We Have Nothing by Madeleine Thien
3. How to Pronounce Knife by Souvankham Thammavongsa
4. Washington Black by Esi Edugyan (just ordered)
5. Us Conductors by Sean Michaels (just ordered)

Tell me your favourite book on the Giller Prize list, or your favourite Canadian author down below!


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