Beauty Haul

Beauty Haul

Beauty Haul
I have been on a makeup buying ban since the beginning of the year, and I haven’t bought any new makeup in over 7 months. Now, when it came to things I actually used up, I was able to buy something. So when I ran out of a mascara or an eyebrow pencil, I allowed myself to repurchase it. However, any other makeup purchases were not allowed, so I was forced to use what I already have. It was a big learning experience, and I may make a separate post dedicated to it if people are interested in reading it.

During these past 7 months, I’ve been coveting a lot of different makeup. I’ve been saving posts on Instagram, and saving things on Pinterest to collect ideas of what products I’m interested. Also, having used my own makeup for these past few months has enabled me to see what has been missing in my collection. I knew I wanted more nude lip products, glosses, and eyeshadow palettes. I actually have a lot of makeup on my wish list. But, I’m not going to make a massive purchase without doing some research.

Here is what I bought:
1. Maybelling Lash Sensational Mascara (My holy grail mascara).
2. L’Oreal Brow Stylist Definer in Dark Brunette (A cheaper alternative to the ABH brow wiz).
3. Origins Ginzing Ultra-Hydrating Engery-Boosting Cream
4. Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Honeycomb
5. Bite Beauty French Press lipgloss in Salted Caramel
6. Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm with Vitamin E and Peppermint
7. Essence Make Me Brow in Brunette

It was a lot of fun buying makeup again, but also buying things that I know I will love. There are definitely a lot of other makeup I was interested in buying, but I’ll save that for another day. For one, I really want the Fenty Beauty Moroccan Spice Palette. It’s so beautiful, and after swatching it at Sephora, I know the quality is phenomenal. I’m also interested in the new Too Faced concealer because the concealer I currently have is not the greatest, and it’s the wrong undertone for me.

What beauty items have you purchased lately?

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