July Bullet Journal Plan With Me

I haven’t done a bullet journal set up in a while, so I thought I’d share what I’m doing for my July spread. I keep my bullet journal fairly simple because I use a tiny journal, and can’t fit too much extra stuff in it. I like to have themes for every month, and this one is meant for memories. I won’t share the cover page, because it’s a bit personal, but it’s going to be filled with memories over the past few years.

I’ve been loving keeping a monthly expense tracker because it allows me to keep track of my spending and income. It’s really handy. However, in the past few months that I’ve done them, I realized that I was wasting a lot of space with previous designs, and they seemed to not work as well. I decided to go with a more boxy layout to contain things, and be more organized. I break the tracker into weeks because it’s much easier to track things this way. I know some people do it by expense type, but it would waste too much space in my journal for me to do it.

Once I finish my basic monthly spread and expense tracker, I do my weekly spreads. With all of my weekly spreads, I do a habit tracker on the side. I switched to little circles recently to keep the design more minimal. I also like to have my weekly spreads to vary from week to week so it doesn’t become repetitive.

No matter what I’m designing in my journal, I always draw it out in pencil. I know a lot of people like to just go straight in with pen, but I want to be able to fix mistakes or change things before they are drawn in pen. It does mean a lot of erasing in the end, but I really enjoy doing it this way.

For the final page of the spread, I always do a memory page. I fill up the page with things that happened that month that I want to remember. It can be little or big memories. I just like looking back at them, and seeing all the good times I had throughout the year.

Do you keep a bullet journal? What are your favourite things to design or keep track of?

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