This Quick Fix Will Make Your Eyeshadows POP!

Eyeshadow Fix
Often times when we buy eyeshadows, we want them to be extremely pigmented off the bat. Sometimes, that doesn’t happen. I know a lot of people on Instagram and Youtube like to rip apart some of these eyeshadows for their lack of pigmentation. Usually these are bold colours, such as blues and purples, which people don’t often use to begin with. However, I realized that many of these eyeshadows can be saved just by using a cream colour base underneath.

This isn’t really a huge beauty secret, many people do this already. However, what I’ve come to notice about new eyeshadows and palettes is that many people don’t test out whether an eyeshadow works with a base. I own two Too Faced palettes that I love, but I know that some of the shimmer shades don’t look good on their own. Pink Sugar and Blueberry, pictured above, are some of the duds in my Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar palette. They often look lacklustre, or barely anything at all. Once I use a cream shadow base, the colours come to life!ย (You can’t tell too well from the picture above, but the pinky shade originally is a pressed glitter. Once it is on the Yogurt Jumbo Eye Pencil, you can see the hot pink reflex better!)

I use the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils in Knight (black with gold shimmer), Yogurt (champagne pink), and Milk (white). These colours work with most eyeshadows, but I’m still thinking of getting Black Bean, which is a matte black. My experience with using these pencils have always been good. Eyeshadows stick to them perfectly, and last all day long. They also come in a variety of colours, so if you want a metallic blue for your blue shades, you can find one! The best way that I use these pencils is on top of an eyeshadow primer. After I set my lids with powder, and do the rest of my eyeshadow look, I place the pencil where I want my eyeshadow. You will need to blend the pencil into the other shadows so it doesn’t create harsh lines. Once you’re finished applying the pencil, pat the shadow you want on top. It’s super easy, and effective.

I would recommend trying out this trick if you think a few of your eyeshadows are failing you. If it helps you fall in love with an eyeshadow again, it’s worth it! I haven’t tried this trick with other cream colour bases, but I’m sure any product would work. However, I think the NYX ones are incredible for the price.

Have you tried this trick with eyeshadows before? What are your favourite products? Leave a comment below!

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