YouTube Made Me Buy It!

With the influence Youtube has on the beauty world, it’s not surprising that a lot of beauty purchases I’ve made were influenced by Youtubers. I only trust the reviews of the people I follow. I don’t watch one video by someone and make a decision. Now the list I’m providing is of products I didn’t think of purchasing to begin with. Usually if I want a product, I’ll look to Youtubers for research on whether that product is good. So if I was thinking of getting a foundation already, the Youtuber didn’t influence me to do it. All of the mentioned products were new to me, and I wanted to test them out.

Here is what Youtube influenced me to buy:
Tarte Blush in Sensual – Jaime Paige
Clinique Pretty Easy Eyeliner – Beauty with Emily Fox
Maybelline Lipsticks – Beauty with Emily Fox
Maybelline Total Temptation Mascara and Brow Pencil – Jaime Paige and Allana Davison
Colourpop products – Kathleen Lights
Makeup Geek eyeshadows – Kathleen Lights and Jaime Paige
Urban Decay Lipsticks – Beauty with Emily Fox
Cover FX Mattifying Setting Powder – Beauty with Emily Fox
Real Techniques Expert Face Brush – Tanya Burr
Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer – Kathleen Lights
Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette – Kathleen Lights and Jaime Paige

Surprisingly, I like most of these products. The only two products I’m disappointed in are the Total Temptation range from Maybelline. I might do a more in depth review of the products in a future post, if people are interested. I do I actually have a list of more products I want to try out, but I obviously can’t do that until my no-buy is finished.

I think the way Youtubers can influence purchases can be good and bad. On the one hand, you have people giving their honest reviews on a product, while others might lie about things. It’s important to watch and see how genuine the people are in their reviews. A good thing Youtubers can do is help you pick out products from a variety of choices. Since I like having a small makeup collection, I don’t want to buy tons of makeup just to see if it’s good or not.

What have Youtubers influenced you to buy? If you don’t watch Youtube, where do you get your beauty reviews or news?

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