Bullet Journal: Reading Stats Set-Up


Since having my bullet journal, I have been really interested in tracking my habits, and my mood. After three months of doing this, I thought, why don’t I do this with books? I got inspired by this post on Pinterest, and I decided I wanted to start tracking my reading habits.

I never thought to track my reading, other than how many books I’m reading during the year. But, I thought this would be a great way to see how I read, and what I’m reading. For example, what months in the year do I read most? What genres do I gravitate towards? These questions can be all answered just by tracking my progress in my bullet journal.

I decided when it came to designing these pages, that I wanted to create something simple. I’m just going to use this space to document my findings and keep it at that. I don’t want to clutter these pages with pictures, or other designs. I want to be able to see my stats and really learn from them.

With my reading stats, I’ve decided to track a number of things. I want to see what genre I read the most, where do these authors come from, number of pages read, and how many books I read per month. There’s a lot of things to track, but I really want to see how I progress during the year, and to see what my reading habits are really like. When it comes to pages read per month, I’m simplifying it to only the books I finished that month. I don’t have the time right now to calculate books I half read during months, so if I finish 4.5 books in a month, only 4 books will be listed. (Please ignore the pencil marks and writing, I still need to erase them hahaha).

Let me know if you track your reading habits at all. Have you noticed anything from your reading habits?

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