Why You Don’t Need A Massive Makeup Collection


All over the internet we see people with huge makeup collections. Whole rooms are filled with makeup that we are suppose to aspire to have. However, why do we need a room full of makeup to be happy? Why do we need a huge makeup collection just for ourselves? I’ve been thinking about this a lot in the past few years, and I decided I don’t want to have a huge makeup collection like I see other people have.

Having a large makeup collection isn’t bad. Many people have lots of makeup because of the work they do, or they are devoted makeup lovers. This post isn’t meant to dictate that you can’t have a massive makeup collection, but why it might not be ideal. You should create a makeup collection that suits your needs, and daily life. If you’re reviewing tons of makeup, then it makes sense to have a lot. But, if you’re an average person who works, and sometimes goes out, do you need a room full of it? Probably not. It all depends on your needs.

I love makeup, and I love buying makeup, but I don’t intend on having a room full of it one day. Even if my blog becomes my job, I do not wish to own too much makeup. I want to feel good about the makeup I own, and know that I’m using it. Some bloggers that do this well, and that inspire me, are Kate La Vie, The Anna Edit, and Allana Davison. Of course, they may have more than most people, but they aren’t excessive even if it’s their job.

Spending less money.
When you have a huge makeup collection, the first thing you are wasting is money. Spending $1,000 dollars every few months in Sephora is not going to allow you to save up money for buying a house, or to pay off debt. A lot of people don’t have the money to spend a copious amount of money to spend on makeup every year. So by having a smaller collection, you may save yourself a lot of money that you actually need.

Easy navigation.
Having a huge makeup collection prevents you from making easy decisions on what makeup to use. If you have 100 bronzers, it’s going to be hard to pick which one you want to use on any given day. Having a smaller collection allows you to pick and choose makeup easily, and you don’t have to spend hours deciding on what to use.

A Curated Collection for You.
With a smaller collection, you have curated products that work for your needs, and your makeup preferences. All the products you own will serve a purpose, and will reflect your makeup style. Why own 55 blue eyeshadows if you don’t like blue eyeshadow? If you don’t like primer, don’t have primer! By curating what you actually need, use, and love, you’ll have a collection that will give you fail proof looks over and over again.

Not Wasteful
The unfortunate thing about makeup, is that it expires. That amazing lipstick you wear everyday is going to fail you after a few years. Most makeup expires within 2 years, but can be used a little bit longer depending on how it wears, and how it smells. But, if you have a lipstick or eyeshadow palette that’s 10 years old, it is time to chuck it. So now, imagine someone who owns over 200 eyeshadow palettes, and they are all slowly expiring. Isn’t that such a waste of product? If you have a smaller makeup collection, you’ll avoid all of that. You’ll be able to use your makeup everyday, and see it being used. There’s nothing wrong with hitting pan on a product! It just means you love that product, and you actually use it. Plus, it’s better for the environment! The less makeup you have, the less makeup you’ll eventually have to throw out.

I hope this post inspires you to think more about the makeup you use, and what you want your collection to be like. Whether you have a large or small collection, make sure it reflects

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