The Ultimate Makeup Starter Kit

Makeup Starter Kit
When it comes to makeup, we all have to start somewhere. I know when I started doing my makeup, all I would use was mascara and a powder foundation. I have evolved a lot since then, and I think I came up with what I think is the best makeup starter kit.

Here is a list of what you’ll need:
1. Nude Lipstick
A nude lip allows you to match your lipstick from everyday, to dramatic, looks. Pick a nude lipstick that goes well with your undertone and skin tone.
2. Red Lipstick
A red lip is a classic. If you want your look to have an element of glamour, a red lip is the way to go! Like the nude lip, pick one that works with your undertone and skintone.
3. Neutral Eyeshadows
You don’t necessarily need an eyeshadow palette to create nice eye looks. I would suggest getting a transition shade, a crease/outer corner shade, and a shimmery shade. These three eyeshadows will help you create a couple of eye looks that will look good with everything.
4. Mascara
Mascara makes your eyes pop. Pick a mascara in the darkest black colour they have. It will open up your eyes, and create definition that isn’t there naturally.
5. Eyebrow pencil
If you don’t have naturally awesome brows, a brow pencil can really help fill in, and shape your brows. Your eyebrows are important in framing your face, and you want them to look as manicured as possible. If you already have perfect brows, you can skip this product.
6. Foundation
Whether you use a BB cream or full out foundation, having a product to even out your skin can make a huge difference in your face. Redness, dullness and blemishes can be a drag when doing your makeup. Whether you want full or light coverage, a base product will help bring your whole makeup look together.
7. Powder
If you use a base product, it is important to set it. You can either use a translucent powder, or even a powder foundation to this. If you’re not keen on using a foundation, you can use a foundation powder instead since it will give a sheer coverage.
8. Highlight
Highlight does wonders to the face. Just using a little in your inner corner of your eye, or on your cheekbones can brighten your face immediately. A bonus to highlight is that it can double up as an eyeshadow!
9. Bronzer
Bronzer can help a lot with warming up the face and contouring your cheek bones. If your face is looking one-dimensional, bronzer can help add a little bit of definition that you didn’t have before.
10. Concealer
Concealer is like coffee in the makeup world. It can really wake you up! Whether you didn’t sleep the night before, or have heavy under eye bags, concealer can help erase it. Concealer can also be used to contour your face, so it’s win-win product!

My start kit is about 10 makeup products to help you start out in makeup. With all of these items, you can create a few different looks that can fit any occasion. When you’re beginning in makeup,  dramatic and complicated makeup styles can be intimidating. If you stick to neutrals, you’re more likely to create looks that work well. These items are the perfect essentials to help build your makeup collection, and help you get started in it. However, you can add or delete some of these products depending on your needs.

When I was in high school, I owned a nude and red lipstick from MAC. The nude was the wrong nude for me, but could you blame my 16-year-old self? I had one dark brown eyeshadow that I would sometimes use on my eyes, and I even had a baby blue sparkly pigment I would wear. However, most of my time in high school, I would wear just mascara, powder foundation, and a little brown eyeshadow to fill in my brows. These makeup products were enough to make me feel confident when going out of the house. To be fair, when I was in high school, there wasn’t a lot of options when it came to really nice makeup, except for MAC. It was only until I went to university that I was able to dabble into makeup more, and experiment more with what I liked.

Makeup can help create confidence in people, and allow them to be creative in how they present themselves. Don’t be afraid to wear the makeup you love to wear. If you don’t like red lipstick, but love purple, wear that purple lipstick! Have fun with your makeup. I hope my starter kit list helps your in your makeup creations!

Comment below some of the makeup you used when you started out.

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