13 Ways to Get Out of a Reading Slump

Every once and a while, it happens to the best of us. A reading slump. It’s not something we want to happen, but it almost always does. I’m an avid reader, and I usually read about 50 books a year. So how do I get in a reading slump? There’s many reasons, actually. I sometimes become bored with the books I read, or I’m just not in the mood to read at all. GASP! I know, shocking. Although this happens, there’s always ways to jump back into reading. After a little bit of thinking, I gathered a few tips and tricks to get back on the reading train.

1. Read more than one book. 
I know not everyone likes to read a lot of books at once, but this can be very helpful. If you lose interest in one book, you can quickly start reading another one that might fit your reading needs for the moment. Currently, I’m reading 4 books. Yes, I know it’s a lot, but it gives me a variety of options to choose from.
2. Change your scenery.
If you’re like me, you probably read in the same place everyday. It’s okay to change where you read to get back into a reading mind set. So, if you read in your bed, maybe read on the couch, or even hit up one of your favourite coffee shops!
3. Pick a different genre.
We all like certain literary genres. I, for one, love literary fiction. Loving a genre is awesome, but sometimes reading books that are similar in content can become a bit routine. If you switch up the genres you read, you’ll never know what to expect, and be excited to read again!
4. Reread a favourite book.
New books are always fun to read, but sometimes our favourite books are what we need. Since you have already read your favourite book, you know what to expect and will guarantee you a lot of enjoyment. Don’t feel bad if you gave up on a new book, you can always get back to it later.
5. Actually stop reading.
Like with anything else in life, too much of something can be draining. That includes reading. It’s totally okay to take a break from reading and watch TV instead. Take a few hours, or even days, away from books. Once you’re done with your break, you’ll feel like picking up a book!
6. Listen to an audiobook.
Audiobooks are very underrated. If you’re extremely busy, an audiobook can help you finish a book on your way to work, or during other daily tasks you have. What’s really fun about audiobooks is the awesome narrators they hire for them. You get to listen to someone bring your book to life, and not worry about taking the time to sit down and read.
7. Read in smaller batches.
Reading is not a race. If you feel like you’re reading too much in a day, scale back on how many pages you read. Instead of reading 100 pages, maybe read 50. If you read 2 chapters a day, maybe just read 1.
8. Ask someone to pick a book for you.
I have done this trick so many times with my boyfriend. I ask him to pick a book, and he usually picks something I wouldn’t even think of reading at that time. Having someone pick a book for you allows you to read something that has been collecting dust on your shelf. Don’t act like that’s not true. There’s always that one book you keep saying you’ll read, but you never do.
9. Try another book.
It’s okay to not fall in love with every book you read. Instead of moping about and not reading, maybe start a completely different book. You’re not obligated to finish every book you read, and starting a different book may become your new favourite!
10. Do the Read a Chapter tag. 
The Read a Chapter Tag was created by BookParadise on Youtube, and it’s a really smart concept. Sometimes you don’t know what you want to read, and reading the first chapter of a few books may actually help you decide on what fits your interests at the time, and takes away your resistance to reading.
11. Make a reading jar.
I’ve done this once before. I wrote down all the books I wanted to read, cut them into small pieces, and put it in a jar. I would then mix up the jar, and pick a piece of paper. After picking one, I would then have a new book to read. Picking a book at random helps a lot.
12. Watch a book adaptation. 
Sometimes a book adaption is just what you need to inspire you to read again. Love Harry Potter? Go watch Harry Potter! Whatever book adaptation it is, whether it’s a movie or television show, watch it! It can help make you think of how wonderful books are, and you’ll want to read again.
13. Watch BookTube.
My final tip for getting out of a reading slump is to watch BookTube. There are a ton of people to watch on Youtube who talk about books. Watching people who talk about their love of books will definitely remind you of why you love to read to. Some of my favourite BookTubers are Emily Fox, Ariel Bissett, Sanne, and Regan.

I hope my list inspires you, and that you’ll be reading in no time! What are some of your favourite ways to get out of a reading slump?

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