How I Rate Books

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I read a lot of books every year, and with that, I get a sense of what I like in a book. Unfortunately, I don’t like every book I read. Sometimes, dare I say it, I hate certain books. With the book community on Instagram, and Goodreads, we all tend to rate our books in between 1 to 5 stars. I use the same type of rating, but each number may differ to what is stated on Goodreads. In my rating system, I rate from 1 to 5 stars, the higher the number, the more I liked it.

Here is are some questions I ask myself before rating a book:
– How problematic is it? Is it overtly offensive with no point to the plot and characters?
– Does it have a good plot and characters? Would I want to read a book like this again?
– Is the writing good? Is the author an excellent writer, or do I cringe with every word used?

Here is my rating scale:
– 1 Star: I hated this book, and I do not wish to read it again.
– 2 Star: I didn’t like the book, but I can use the book for reference to other books. For example, I like to see what types of books were written in the same era, like Jane Austen’s contemporaries. Sometimes, I rate a book a 2 because I thought it was bearable, but doesn’t warrant another read. For example, if a book is in a genre I don’t like, but there were a few saving moments.
– 3 Stars: I liked this book. There were parts I didn’t enjoy, but overall it was a good experience. Sometimes this can be due to a question I asked myself. For example, I loved Jane Eyre, except for the treatment of the character Bertha. Therefore, I couldn’t give Jane Eyre a 5/5. You can read my review on the book here.
– 4 Stars: I really liked this book, but there were just a few parts that didn’t get me to love it.
– 5 Stars: I loved this book, even with it’s faults. Even some of my favourite books are not perfect, but overall the book is so good I can’t rate it badly. (That doesn’t mean I don’t see it’s problems).

Not all books are created equal, so it may differ what questions I ask, and how I rate them. From time to time, I even change my rating on a book. How do you rate books?

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