Books For Living Review

IMG_0190When I started reading Books for Living by Will Schwalbe, I immediately knew I was going to love it. The book is about reading, and the books that Schwalbe read that have taught him lessons throughout his life. Amazing concept right? The book was addicting from the start, and made me start to really think about the importance of reading in my life. What books would I consider to be the ones that influenced me?

One of the most eye-opening parts of Book for Living, is when Schwalbe describes how we live in a constant need of more. We want more of everything, but not because we need it. He talks about how we want more excitement, more material things, and more things to do without being happy with what we have. I felt moved by this passage in the introduction of the book. It’s not something I was expecting to read in a book about reading, but it’s a passage I’ll be thinking about for a while.

Schwalbe throughout the book delves into how books shape our lives and thinking. Regardless when we read a book, they transform the way we are. I always thought this was true, and reading how these books influenced his thinking, and actions, showed me how life changing books can be. His list of books show the kind of reader he is, and also what kind of person he is. He writes in an intimate way, almost like he’s talking to a friend. With every book he mentions, he shows what these books mean to him, and how they can influence the readers of his book. I love to talk about books, and a book that recommends books is quite enjoyable to read.

Books for Living is definitely one of my new favourite books. I think I’m going to end up reading it again in the future. The ideas and the inspiration it gave me, I won’t ever forget. Just as Schwalbe talks about books changing his life, this book is changing mine. I’m starting to think more about how important the books I have read, and will read, will shape my life. It also makes me think how important it is for me to read more often, and not be around technology for parts of my day. I’m giving Books for Living by Will Schwalbe a 5/5. It was so much fun to read, and I think a lot of other book lovers will enjoy it as well.

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