What I Read in August

Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetI didn’t end up reading a lot of books in August, which I am disappointed about. I only managed to read three books, which is a bad month for me in terms of reading. I typically like to read 5 books a month, but August was one of those summer months where I spent more time outside than in. Here are the books I read, and a mini review for each:

Bloom by Estee Lalonde. I followed her YouTube channel a few years ago, and thought that her book would be an inspiring, and enjoyable to read. I was shocked how much I hated this book when I finished it. The entire book was filled with cliches, and simplified answers to complex issues. There was one point where she made a list of how to handle social anxiety, and stated to “just be yourself.” It was a very trivial way to speak about social anxiety, and that’s how she wrote about most things in her book. Even when she spoke about personal problems, she brushed over her struggles, and how she overcame her issues. Not only that, but the book is full of typos and grammatical errors. I would not recommend this book to anyone. I give her book a 1/5.

The Girls by Emma Cline. I really liked this book. It was an edgy, yet eye-opening take of the ways in which cults work. I thought it was interesting how people chose to join cults, ranging from being poor, to just leaving their privileged lifestyle. However, my one critique of the novel is that the whole cult story line was based on Charles Manson. The story of the cult, and its leader, was almost word for word what happened with the Manson family murders. Although it was a captivating reference, I think it would have been more original to create her own cult, with a unique demise. I give this book a 3/5.

A Separation by Katie Kitamura. I was surprised by this novel because it didn’t end up being a fast-paced thriller as I thought it would be. The novel centres more around the wife of the separation, and her time trying to find her husband. I liked the novel more because it wasn’t a thriller, and didn’t have a strange ending. I give this book a 3/5.

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